Gertrud Guyer Wyrsch, b 1920

born on March 12th, 1920 in Gersau (canton Schwyz)

childhood and schooling in Munich

instruction as a painter by Max von Mühlenen in Bern and Gustave Singier in Paris

at the beginning figurative painting

1950 strong abstract works

1970 relief forming of wood and driftwood mobiles

1990 three-dimensional “towers” made of plywood

1997 spherical “head sculptures”

2001 crystalline globes

2001, 2002 objects on a square basis

2002 prismatic columns

2003 clews

2005 knots and balls

2006 new prismatic columns and clews

2007 steles rusted (sheet steel)

2008 boxes made of welded sheet steel, rusted

2010 steles sprayed in two colours (sheet steel), steles of modular sequences

died on October 22nd, 2013 in Stans (canton Nidwalden)



Swiss Confederation

Cantons of Bern, Obwalden, Schwyz

Cities of Bern, Thun, Zurich

Community of Stans



wall design in the main railway station of Bern

wall design in the railway station of BTI Biel

wall design inside the Nidwalden property insurance building of Stans

mobile in the inner courtyard of the cantonal police building of Bern at Waisenhausplatz



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