Conrad Jon Godly


first solo exhibition by

Conrad Jon GODLY

in Liechtenstein

from May 26th till July 3rd, 2021, during the usual opening times:

Wed, Thur and Fri from 2 PM till 6 PM and Sat from 10 AM till 2 PM

bechter kastowsky gallery
Poststrasse 48
9494 Schaan

Tel.: +423 798 03 35 (Liechtenstein)



May 12th till September 5th, 2021

“I’ve never done it before so I’m quite sure I’ll be able to cope”, Pippi Langstrumpf declares. This is the kind of self-assured attitude we would like our children to develop. Do we also give them sufficient opportunity to live their curiosity? Today’s overprotection of children by their “helicopter” or “lawnmower” parents and the rapid progress of digitalisation, which puts a brake on children’s innate urge to explore things by themselves, make this doubtful. Children survive the most absurd pedagogical concepts and they even endure war, social deprivation, neglect and abuse, but at what price?

This exhibition shows works by 170 international artists from 1900 to the present day. Strong on critical acumen and empathy and on irony and humour, they document children’s happiness as well as their frustrations. They remind us that it’s up to us to allow children a childhood that is worthy of being remembered.




Jakob GASTEIGER  –  April 23rd till August 22nd, 2021

The exhibition at the ALBERTINA MUSEUM presents a survey of all creative periods so far in the oeuvre of Jakob Gasteiger. This Austrian artist’s output is characterized by a special way of reflecting on the painting process and on painting as such: his works forgo depiction of anything that he has seen or that could be clearly perceived, being much rather dominated by an elementary formal language. The viewer’s attention is directed to colors, to the structural and textural aspects of lines and the resulting transitions between spaces. His paintings tell no stories and refer to nothing but their own selves, and they have nothing in common but there pure self-referentiality.

This minimalism, this tendency towards reduction without concrete depiction, raises many questions. And even so, the artist does successfully give rise to a special harmony between the dimensions. For decades, this high degree of aesthetic competency has made Jakob Gasteiger one of the Austria’s most important contemporary artists of international significance.


Hubert SCHEIBL  –  August 31st till December 5th, 2021

The ALBERTINA Museum invites the public to encounter the internationally renowned Austrian artist Hubert Scheibl in a way that is truly exceptional—for this exhibition features the artist himself as curator. Scheibl has set out to show a personal selection of his own works in combination with artworks from the ALBERTINA Museum’s holdings. The subtle juxtaposition of these two work groups fuels the development of intense dialogs that refer simultaneously to the artist’s own inner dialog with his art and to his interactions with those on the outside.

The criteria brought to bear here are diverse, with the artist being guided in his decision-making process by formal, substantive, and associative aspects. Scheibl’s paintings, drawings, watercolors, sculptures, and artist’s books from various creative periods suggest a number of broad thematic areas. Themes such as evolution and nature, the “constant oscillation between there and here” (Hubert Scheibl), and the penetration of both spatial and temporal axes serve as starting points for Scheibl’s overall approach. The overall presentation consists of three chapters that react to the sharply contrasting architectures of their three exhibition spaces in the Columned Hall.

Liliane Tomasko


Liliane TOMASKO » We Sleep Where We Fall «

February 27th till April 17th, 2021

KEWENIG is pleased to present Liliane Tomasko’s first exhibition in the gallery’s space in Berlin. ‘We Sleep Where We Fall’ focuses on the most recent works by the artist, who has dedicated herself to the themes of sleep, dreams and the unconscious, both on paper as well as on canvas and aluminium surfaces, for more than 20 years. Tomasko usually explores these using the motif of the abandoned, unmade bed in which rumpled sheets cast almost topographical-looking folds. The artist fills such everyday scenes with a special expressiveness and a very private moment, captured in the close-up of a Polaroid, unfolds a universal effect in her paintings.


Hanna Roeckle

Hanna Roeckle

Hanna ROECKLE in Zurich

March 6th till April 17th, 2021

“The sculptures by Hanna Roeckle on display in the La Ligne gallery are part of the series „Polyeder“, „Crystalline Needles“ and „Scutoide“. They are all made up of triangular surfaces that meet as prisms at acute angles. They can be set up as column-like steles in the room or viewed as wall objects, elongated into needles. With their mirror-smooth surfaces, they offer picturesque views, reflect their surroundings and absorb them at the same time. They open up to the space and also save it.

With their perfect aesthetics, they appear hermetic at first. However, if you take a closer look at them, you will quickly notice how much mysterious and unfathomable they hold. With her works, Hanna Roeckle brings her storming thoughts and disturbing questions about herself and the world into a manageable form.”

Galerie La Ligne

Heinrichstrasse 237, 8005 Zurich