Unsigned Untitled Undated


A conceptual exhibition

Tim Beeby


Duration of the exhibition: Thursday, June 14 – Sunday June 17, 2018

Opening hours:

Thur (opening) 6-9 pm

Fr  3-9 pm

Sat 3-9 pm

Sun 3-6 pm

The visitors are cordially invited to take an unsigned work by Tim Beeby for free. Alternatively, the pieces can be signed and acquired according to the market rates.

The exhibition consists of the series »Inks« by Tim Beeby (ink on canvas). Some of them are installed on the gallery walls, accompanied by similar works simply leaned against the wall. All works are unsigned, untitled and undated. The visitors are invited to choose works within the exhibition and take them – for free – with them.

Alternatively, visitors can choose to have the canvas signed by the artist, together with a title and a date, in order to acquire it according to the market rates. The acquired canvases are documented and registered in a digital catalogue. Each customer receives a signed and dated certificate of authenticity. Unsigned works are not documented or registered in any way.

The unsigned and signed works do not vary in terms of used materials and aesthetic appearance.