Ahmet Oran, b 1957

born in Çanakkale / Turkey
lives and works in Istanbul and Vienna

1977 – 1980 studies of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul with Adnan Çoker
1980 – 1985 studies of painting, glass painting, graphic arts  with Carl Unger and afterwards
1985 – 1987 in the master class of Adolf Frohner at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna

Single exhibitions (selection)

1986 Gallery BM, Istanbul
1987 Education House “Ruthof”, Graz, Styria
1987 Gallery Weihergut, City of Salzburg
1989 Gallery Ariadne, Vienna
1992 Gallery Weihergut, City of Salzburg
1994 Gallery Feichtner, Vienna
1994 Gallery Gabriel, Vienna
1995 Art Forum Klagenfurt, Carinthia
1995 Gallery of the Market Town St. Johann, Tyrol
1995 Gallery Feichtner & Mizrahi, Vienna
1995 Gallery Gabriel, Vienna
1996 Art Forum Hallein, Salzburg
1997 Gallery Kaufmann, Innsbruck, Tyrol
1998 Gallery Feichtner & Mizrahi, Vienna
1999 Gallery Figl, Linz, Upper Austria
1999 Painting. Ahmet Oran 1995-1999, New Gallery of the City of Linz, Upper Austria
1999 Milli Reasürans Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul
2001 Gallery Figl, Linz, Upper Austria
2001 Gallery Feichtner & Mizrahi, Vienna
2002 Milli Reasürans Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul
2003 Gallery Feichtner & Mizrahi, Vienna
2004 Gallery Figl, Linz, Upper Austria
2004 Mozaik Design, Istanbul
2005 MAC Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006 Room Impulse, Museum of Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria
2008 Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Vienna
2010 Rampa, Istanbul
2012 Wittgenstein House, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Vienna
2014 Rampa, Istanbul
2016 C.A. Contemporary Fine Arts, Vienna
2017 Structures – Exhibition on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Ahmet Oran in the Art Lounge at STRABAG House of the STRABAG Art Forum, Vienna
2017 Mark Peet Visser Gallery,  ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
2017 C. A. Contemporary Fine Arts, Vienna
2018 Gallery Pehböck, Perg, Upper Austria
2019 bechter kastowsky gallery, Vienna
2021 bechter kastowsky gallery, Schaan, Liechtenstein

Group exhibitions (selection)

1978 Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi, Istanbul
1983 Hammer Purgstall Society, Vienna
1987 Tabacco Museum, Vienna
1993 Gallery “Im Eisenhof”, Vienna
1995 Mine Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul
1996 Gallery of the Market Town St. Johann (with E. Bohatsch, R. Stanzel and E. Wagner), St. Johann, Tyrol
1996 Art from Austria 1886-1996, Bundeskunsthalle (Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany), Bonn
1997 Master Pieces of European Art 1947-1997, New Gallery of the City of Linz, Upper Austria
1999 Borusan Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi, Istanbul
2000 West East Divan, Museum on Demand, Vienna
2003 60 Years, 60 Artists, Eczacibasi Sanal Müzesi, Istanbul
2004 Landscape, DOK NÖ (Documentation Center for Modern Art in Lower Austria), St. Pölten, Lower Austria
2005 Abstraction in Austrian Contemporary Art, Gallery Goldener Engl, Hall, Tyrol
2005 Free-Space Painting – Austrian Positions, Ulmerfeld Castle, Amstetten, Lower Austria
2006 Nomads in the Art Salon. Encounters with the Modernity from Bayer to Sol LeWitt, Lentos Art Museum, Linz, Upper Austria
2007 Plastic Tree, Dirim Art, Istanbul
2007 METU Art Festival, Ankara
2009 New Works New Horizons, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
2010 Istanbul Next Wave, Academy of Arts, Berlin
2013 Unutmamak, Beşiktaş, Çağdaş, Istanbul
2013 Hot Spot Istanbul, Museum Haus Konstruktiv (Foundation for Constructive and Concrete Art), Zurich

Publications (selection)

exhibition catalog Ahmet Oran. New Gallery of the City of Linz, 1999.
exhibition catalog Ahmet Oran. Rampa İstanbul, 2010.

Ahmet Oran – Paintings and Works on Paper. Rampa İstanbul, Birkhäuser Basel, 2014:

„This collection from the oeuvre of Ahmet Oran is not a
complete survey of the artist’s work over the last 25 years.
Instead it represents a fragmentary assemblage of
individual work groups that crystallized as I viewed the
material at my disposal. Together Ahmet Oran, Florian
Steininger and I defined the work groups and selected the
pieces presented here. In the process, we made the
important decision to arrange the material in six thematic
ensembles. The answer to the question of where a documentation
of the oeuvre of Ahmet Oran should begin
or end in this instance derives from an attempt to allot the
greatest possible space to his ongoing cycle of works from
recent years. The chronology of the book’s illustrations
thus runs from present to past, ending with the painterly
prints, which even today continue to play a significant
role in Ahmet Oran’s oeuvre. To enable the interested reader
to grasp the timeline of the individual pictures and work
groups, corresponding illustrations appear on pages 316 to
319. In contrast to the book’s chronology, the visual
chronology runs from the past to the here and now. This
sequencing of the miniature illustrations not only offers a
complete overview of all the works reproduced in the
book, it also facilitates recognition of the evolution of the
images within particular intervals of time.“

Walter Bohatsch