"The tremendous power of the mountains, of nature par excellence, puts us in our place and shows us how insignificantly small we are."

The Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly makes us marvel at his mountain paintings. Colour captured with the brush on canvas builds up, is brought powerfully to the foreground and brings all its different sensations before the viewer's eyes. Godly skilfully brings the theme of the mountain into the present day, uniting in it the entire evolution of the sublime, but also of the technique of painting. The oil paint is applied impasto: the mountain thus acquires a three-dimensionality that is reminiscent of sculpture. Applying the paint in an act of meditative speed diametrically opposes the process of creating massive mountain formations. There is no pausing during the painting process, no stepping back, no effect at a distance. It is a single dynamic act of painting that takes place without any preliminary drawing, without a grid. 


Conrad Jon Godly lives and works in Maienfeld, Switzerland

born 1962 in Davos, Switzerland


1981-1986 FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel, painting class of Franz Fedier (SfG Basel)

1986-1987 stay in the U.S.A., first photographic works

1988-2005 international active as photographer

2005 resumption of painting

2009-2010 lives and works in Vienna

2014 marriage with the Japanese artist Kazuyo Okushiba


His powerful mountain motifs are mainly represented in Swiss collections.


COLLECTIONS (selection)


Art Collection RINGIER

DAROS Collection

Swiss National Bank (SNB)

United Bank Switzerland (UBS)

Credit Suisse Bank (CS)

Julius Bär Bank (JB)

Bündner Cantonal Bank (GKB)

Art Fairs